How Much Does Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost in Concord?

January 25, 2024
by Riveras Cleaning Solutions
How Much Does Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost in Concord?

Getting your tile and grout professionally cleaned at least one to two times a year is important to preserve its beauty and shine. But before hiring the experts, you should have an idea about how much it’ll cost you.

While the average price for tile and grout cleaning is around $500, ranging from $290 to $650, this price can vary depending on many factors. Here, we will discuss these factors in detail to help you estimate how much tile and grout cleaning will cost.

Factors Affecting Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost

⇒ Area Size

The size of the area you need to get cleaned is an important factor affecting the overall cleaning cost. Generally, experts charge around $0.5 to $2 per square foot for cleaning your tile and grout, including the material and labor charges. They can also charge you a flat price of $100-200 if the area you have to clean is too small.

⇒ Size Of the Tiles

The size of your tile also affects the cleaning cost. The smaller the tile, the more the grout that needs cleaning, resulting in increased cleaning time, which leads to higher cost.

Similarly, big tiles are more delicate and have specific cleaning requirements, which influences the cleaning cost. That’s why you should pay attention to the tile you install and avoid the additional expense.

⇒ Condition of the Flooring

You should also take into account the condition of your tile and grout while estimating the cleaning cost. The level of staining on your tiled floors will be directly proportional to the efforts required to clean them.

So, if you haven’t cleaned your tile and grout in a while, professionals may charge you extra for all the additional cleaning time and effort it will require to clean the tile and make the grout white again.

⇒ Cleaning Method

Experts will use different methods to clean tile and grout, and the cost of these methods will vary. Cleaning by hand and steam cleaning are popular methods of cleaning tile and grout. Here is a breakdown of their cost.

→ Hand Cleaning

In this method, the cleaner uses a cleaning solution and brush to clean your tile and grout with their hands. They scrub the tiles and get all the dirt out of the grout lines using just their hands. It can cost you around $ 1 to $3 per square foot.

→ Steam Cleaning

While not as common for tile and grout, steam cleaning is also effective, especially for grout. The heat kills the bacteria and allergens present in the grout and prevents diseases. Steam cleaning can cost around $0.5-3.5 per square foot.

⇒ Grout Sealing

Many homeowners forget to treat their grout when thinking of tile and grout cleaning. But Sealing grout is an important part of tile and grout cleaning. But it’s necessary to seal the grout lines when you get your tile and grout cleaned.

This step ensures there is no mold, allergen, or bacterial growth between the grout lines. Sealing your grout can cost you around $150-200, depending on various factors.

⇒ Additional Factors

Apart from the common factors, there are also some services that experts provide at an extra price. These services include the following.

→ Flat Rate

Some companies charge a flat rate that includes all the services, from cleaning to grout repairs. This rate can vary from $150 to 350 based on the type of service and the efforts that go into that. Some important services included in this are steam cleaning, grout repair, recaulking, and many other services like this.

→ Grout Recolor

If you want to recolor your grout along with sealing it, you can opt for a grout recolor. It will cost you around $1 to $2 per square foot.

Bottom Line

These are the factors that will influence the tile and grout cleaning cost. But the most important thing is to know what services you need and only pay for them. If you don’t know the cleaning needs of your floor, you may end up paying more than required.

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