Which is The Best Way to Clean a Prefinished Hardwood Floor?

March 30, 2023
by Riveras Cleaning Solutions
Clean Prefinished Hardwood Floor

Many of you choose to install hardwood flooring over tile flooring when it comes to flooring. This is mainly because the hardwood flooring is durable and holds an aesthetic appeal.

But at the same time, it needs a lot of cleaning and maintenance because if not done so, it loses its ideal appearance. Therefore it is mandatory to clean and maintain your hardwood floor.

Although there are various home cleaning techniques available, professional cleaning is always the best choice for cleaning the floor. You might have a question: Which is the best way to clean a prefinished hardwood floor?

The answer to this is: Sweeping out the dust regularly from the floor is considered one of the best ways to clean a prefinished hardwood floor. In this blog, let me show you a few more ways to clean a prefinished hardwood floor.

4 Best Ways to Clean a Prefinished Hardwood Floor

1. Vacuuming the Floor

Use a vacuum with no beater bar to clean your floor. Use a nozzle attachment, to clean the spaces between wood boards or to get rid of dust and grime accumulation in corners of the room.

Vacuuming is considered one of the easiest and best ways to clean a prefinished hardwood floor as it helps remove dirt and dust that has built up in the corners of the room. The flooring should be cleaned frequently to maintain complete hygiene.

Even if you use a microfiber mop to dry dust your floor every day, dirt and debris will eventually find their way into crevices and corners. To avoid damage, stay away from using upright vacuums with beater bars.

2. Mopping the Floor

Mopping removes stubborn dirt and debris from your floor. When necessary, use a damp microfiber mop. Using a damp mop, you may remove mild dirt and grime.

Make sure there is no remaining water on the floor after damp mopping. If you come across any puddles, clean them up right away with a fresh towel. Be sure you use the right floor cleaner to avoid damaging the hardwood.

Add a few drops of dish soap to some water. Clean the floor by dipping a sponge mop into the liquid and thoroughly wringing it out. Dishwashing liquid creates a film on the flooring, so you must wipe it off with a damp mop once you’ve finished cleaning with the sponge.

3. Cleaning Solutions

Use the cleaners that are recommended by the manufacturers. Do not randomly use any as it can cause severe damage to your flooring.

Prepare a solution of the cleaner and water, dip your sponge, clean cloth, or mop in the same, and start cleaning the stains. Make sure that you rinse it properly as much water on the hardwood floor will increase the chances of damage.

4. Spills/Stains

As soon as a spill occurs, clean it up. Gently dab the spill with a clean cotton or microfiber cloth until it is completely soaked. Wipe the spill with a mildly damp mop if it is sticky.

Using a microfiber cloth, dry the area. If a spill has left behind a stain, softly dampen a clean cloth with a floor cleaner that the manufacturer recommends, then wipe at the spot.

A floor cleanser with a high pH is advised if you have an oily or greasy stain. Clean up spills following the grain of the wood. This will aid in avoiding water stains. Dry with a microfiber towel; avoid rubbing the spots because doing so might harm them.

Summing up

While maintaining hardwood floors is crucial, you also need to be careful not to overclean them. Over-cleaning might harm your flooring.

Even after learning the best ways to clean a prefinished hardwood floor, it is highly recommended to hire a professional. Professional cleaners use the right solutions for your hardwood floor and are well-trained to do it without damaging the surface.

Hire a professional hardwood floor cleaning service today to maintain the cleanliness of your hardwood flooring and make it shine.

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