Which Is The Best Way To Clean A Prefinished Hardwood Floor?

July 7, 2021
by Riveras Cleaning Solutions
Which Is The Best Way To Clean A Prefinished Hardwood Floor

When it comes to flooring options, many people prefer hardwood flooring over the tile and concrete flooring. Hardwood flooring is durable, easy to clean, and has great aesthetic appeal, making it a classic flooring option amongst its peers.

However, hardwood flooring needs a lot of attention and care. Daily cleaning or mopping can only keep them clean to some extent. You need to know which is the best way to clean a prefinished hardwood floor for them to last you decades.

How Do You Clean Hardwood Floors Without Streaks?

♦ How To Avoid Streaks?

If you want to clean hardwood floors without streaks, then here are some tips that you should consider practicing while mopping.

⇒ Don’t use a lot of soap thinking it will make your hardwood cleaner. Instead, this will make cleaning a tougher task as you will have to put in more effort to remove it.

⇒ Mop in small sections instead of cleaning the whole floor at the same time. This way that no water or soapy solution stays on the floor for long.

⇒ Clean your mop as often as you can as you don’t want to distribute dirt from one place to another, making the whole process worthless.

⇒ Check the places you have cleaned to ensure that all the soapy water is removed from the hardwood floor.

♦ How To Remove Streaks?

Follow the above steps to clean your hardwood floors properly. Lastly, wipe the excess water off your floor using a microfiber wet mop pad. This step will remove any leftover water from the hardwood floor and drastically reduce the chances of the formation of streaks.

In case you still have some stubborn stains and water streaks marring your hardwood floor, here is what you should do to remove them:

⇒ Take the help of microfiber to remove them off.

⇒ Invest in a powerful scrubbing mop pad to remove all the stains and water streaks in one go.

⇒ Similarly, you can also use a strong hardwood floor cleaner to break down all the spots and stains present on the floor. Then, use a mop to clean them off.

♦ Why Polish Your Hardwood Floor?

Polishing your hardwood flooring gives it a protective layer that doesn’t let the stain or spot penetrate the hardwood floor. Hence, it avoids permanent staining. Besides this, polishing makes the hardwood floor non-slippery and also brings its shine back.

Now, to apply the polish onto your hardwood floor, you need to go through the manufacturer’s instructions. Next, either take a mop or microfiber cloth to apply the polish, making sure that you are going in the direction of the grain of your floors. After applying the polish, let it dry properly before you use the flooring.

Deep Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors By Calling Professionals!

Call professional hardwood floor cleaners to deep clean hardwood floors at your home. Professionals are equipped with all the cleaning materials and also have the training to carry out the entire cleaning process properly.

So, pick up your phone and dial in Rivera’s Cleaning Solutions, and book your hardwood cleaning appointment today. Our professional hardwood floor cleaning service in Concord is all you need to make your floor shine.

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