Which Is The Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Method?

February 20, 2023
by Riveras Cleaning Solutions
Which Is The Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Method

If you are thinking about hiring professional carpet cleaning services, you may be curious to know the best professional carpet cleaning methods experts use to clean your carpet. Here we have discussed some professional carpet cleaning methods, as they can help you make a better decision about hiring professionals.

Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is one of the best professional carpet cleaning methods used by carpet cleaning services.

In this method, professionals use a powerful machine to inject high-temperature water deep into the carpet fibers. It loosens the accumulated dirt and debris from your carpet.

Next, professionals use a huge vacuum cleaner to suck out the water from your carpet along with all the contaminants, like dirt, dust, and allergens. The advantage of the hot water extraction method is that the carpet takes less time to dry compared to more water-intensive cleaning methods.

Pro Tip: Sometimes, carpet cleaners use the term steam cleaning for hot water extraction. But ask the professionals to describe the method they will use, as there can be some differences.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is one of the modern carpet cleaning techniques. The unique feature of this method is that it doesn’t require any moisture to clean your carpet!

When cleaning your carpet with the dry cleaning method, the professionals thoroughly vacuum your carpet. And then, sprinkle a special carpet cleaning powder on your carpet, and scrub it into the carpet fibers using a machine.

This powder crystal dissolves the dirt from your carpet and extracts it with them, turning its color from pale yellow to dark gray.

Because this method requires no water, you don’t have to worry about mold growth on your carpet, and this method is especially good for delicate carpets with natural fibers.

Bonnet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning companies usually use the bonnet carpet cleaning method to spot clean commercial properties with high foot traffic.

In this method, experts use a rotary machine with attached cleaning pads. They soak the pads in a cleaning solution and then run it over high-traffic areas. The agitation caused by the movement of the machine removes the dirt and debris from the carpet.

However, professionals generally use this method for spot treatment of an area, as it is not very effective for deep-cleaning purposes. But bonnet carpet cleaning is a less-time consuming and cost-effective carpet cleaning method.

Carpet Shampooing 

Carpet shampooing was previously the most used carpet cleaning method, as it ensured effective carpet cleaning. Here, carpet cleaning professionals use a machine with rotating pads and a brush to apply shampoo to your carpet.

After letting the shampoo sit for a while, professionals remove it using special extraction equipment. Once they remove the shampoo, the carpet is left to dry overnight.

Nowadays, most carpet cleaners avoid using this method due to the long drying time and the huge risk of mold growth.

Is hiring professional carpet cleaning services worth it?

After learning about the best professional carpet cleaning methods, you may ask if it is worth hiring professionals.

The answer is yes if you want to enjoy your carpet for longer. Regular vacuuming may remove dirt from the surface of your carpet, but for deep cleaning your carpet and removing the contaminants from the carpet, you need professional help.

Professionals know the different carpet cleaning methods, as we have discussed in this article, and have many years of experience in carpet cleaning. Therefore it is worth it to get your carpets cleaned by professionals.

What are the things you should consider while hiring carpet cleaning services?

Before selecting the ideal carpet cleaning company, you should consider the following factors.

  • Look at the types of services they offer.
  • Ask them about their experience in the industry.
  • Get references from them and call to check their validity.
  • Ensure that they have appropriate licenses & insurance.
  • Check the carpet cleaning methods they use.

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