How To Remove Blood Out Of Carpet?

June 21, 2022
by Riveras Cleaning Solutions
How To Remove Blood Out Of Carpet_

Imagine chopping vegetables for supper on the carpet, and you accidentally cut your finger. Or your kid comes in running complaining of a hurt hand. Or even grandma could get her thumb pricked while stitching. All of these incidents have one thing in common. It is that they deal with blood. 

Blood stains on the carpet are not uncommon. You can have them at the most uncertain places and times. It becomes even more difficult to get blood out of the carpet if left to dry. As a result, you should act fast as soon as you spot a stain. 

Blood stains are unsightly and can attract germs. The reason is that it is a body fluid. So you cannot leave it lingering around in the fibers. Follow these steps to take blood out of the carpet.  

Methods To Remove Blood Out Of Carpet 

Using Plain Water 


Fill up a spray bottle with cold water. Make sure to use chilled water for this purpose. Hot or lukewarm water can set the stain deep in the carpet. As a result, it is not helpful to get blood stains out. 

With a clean, dry cloth, wipe the area gently. This method works the best if the stain is still fresh. Alternatively, you can use a wet vac. Repeat the process until the entire spot goes away. 

Detergent Solution 

Solution for carpet

Gently break up the deposits with a soft brush if the stain has dried. Do not rub hard while brushing, as the dry flakes can settle inside the fibers. Now, mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in two cups of cold water. Mix the solution and dab the area with a sponge. 

Blot the area with a clean sponge dipped in cold water afterward. Repeat the steps until the stain has disappeared. Blot the area dry with a clean microfiber cloth to assist in faster drying. If the spot does not vanish, use might use diluted ammonia.  

Salt Paste 

Salt Paste

Using a salt paste is a great household hack to clean up a blood stain. Take cold water in a bowl and add enough salt to it. The consistency should be that of a thin paste. Now, apply this paste to the blood stain. Let it sit for 5 minutes. 

Now, dip a clean sponge in cold water. Without rubbing, blot the area to remove the salt paste. Once all of the paste gets removed, dab the spot again with a cloth dipped in cold water. Leave the carpet to air dry. 

Hydrogen Peroxide 

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent. It aids in removing dried and stubborn stains with ease. Test it in an inconspicuous area before using it straight away on the carpet. Apply a few drops to check if it fades carpet color. If it does not, you can safely use it to remove the stain. 

Dip a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide. Blot the stained area gently. Once the stain is gone, dab the area again with a damp cloth. Always remember to use only cold water to clean any blood stains. 


Vacuuming upholstery

Vinegar has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Its high acidity helps to dissolve the toughest stains. Mix a cup of vinegar in two cups of lukewarm water. Fill this solution in a spray bottle and spritz it on the affected area. Alternatively, you can dip a rag in the solution and blot the blood stain. 

Repeat spraying or blotting the stain until it gets completely dissolved. Dab the area with a damp cloth to absorb excess vinegar solution. Leave the carpet to air dry. 

Wrapping Up 

There are times when you have the most unusual stains on the carpets. Coffee spills, food spillage, shoe marks, paw prints, or blood stains happen, and that is life. Almost every problem has a solution; likewise, every carpet stain has a solution. Always remember to check the instruction manual that came with the carpet. Different carpets have different cleaning needs, and not all methods work on just any of them. 

Follow the steps mentioned above to remove blood from the carpet. Use a specialty carpet stain remover if the marks are persistent and don’t respond to any methods. These cleaning agents have strong reagents that oxidize the stains and lift them from the carpet fiber. If you are unsure about using them on your precious carpets, you can hire professional carpet cleaning services.

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