How To Deep Clean Hardwood Floors?

February 15, 2022
by Riveras Cleaning Solutions
How To Deep Clean Hardwood Floors_

Hardwood floors give a classy and warm look to every space they are installed in. But besides them being good to look at, hardwood floors are durable and are easy to clean. Unlike tiles, you don’t need to break your back to clean the hardwood floors. However, deep cleaning them is a challenge altogether.

If you want to know how to deep clean hardwood floors, then you need to read and follow the below steps. This process will remove all the contaminants and stains from the hardwood floor and regain its shine back.

Steps To Deep Clean Hardwood Floors At Home

1. Prep The Hardwood Floor

Prep The Hardwood Floor

To begin the hardwood floor cleaning process, first, start with the regular hardwood cleaning routine. To do this, use a vacuum cleaner with floor attachment and vacuum the floor. This will remove the first layer of dust, dirt, food crumbs, allergens from the hardwood floor’s surface.

2. Mop The Hardwood Floor

Mop The Hardwood Floor

Now, it’s time to start the cleaning process. Take a spray mop and add the manufacturer’s recommended hardwood cleaning solution. Now, spray the cleaner on the flooring and start mopping using a microfiber pad. Continue the process till you clean the entire flooring area.

3. Dry The Hardwood Floor

Dry The Hardwood Floor

If you got carried away while spraying the cleaner on the hardwood floor, then you will need to dry them. To do so, use a dry microfiber pad and absorb the excess moisture from the damp hardwood floor.

4. Polish The Hardwood Floor

Polish The Hardwood Floor

This is an additional step that you can skip if you want to. However, we recommend that you go with it. Polishing your hardwood flooring will make them shine, look like new, and also prevent them from staining in the future. However, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines properly to achieve the desired result.

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning is The Best To Deep Clean Your Hardwood Floors!

If you want to deep clean your hardwood floors, what better option than to hire professional hardwood floor cleaning services for it. Professional hardwood floor cleaners have the knowledge, experience, and training to remove all the gunk from your wood flooring and make them sparkle.

Rivera’s Cleaning Solution provides the best hardwood cleaning service in Concord. Cleaning heavily soiled hardwood floors is our specialty. We use different cleaning techniques to make any hardwood floor look clean and classy.

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