House Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners by Rivera’s Cleaning Solutions

July 17, 2023
by Riveras Cleaning Solutions
House Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners

Cleaning is undeniably the first and the most crucial step when moving into a new house. A decluttered & clean home will give you a fresh start to your new experience. So, a complete deep clean is a must before you start living in your new place.

However, we understand cleaning a whole new house can be overwhelming for a new homeowner. And, to help make the process easier, our experts at Rivera’s Cleaning Solutions have brought some essential tips for cleaning your new house in Concord.

11 Practical House Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners

1. An Empty House Is Easier To Clean

A decluttered space is the very first necessity for cleaning. When moving into a new house, ensure it is free of all clutter, construction materials, or previous belongings.

If you’ve rented/bought a house that was pre-occupied by furnishings and other essentials, make sure you clear them all before cleaning. The lesser the clutter, the better the cleaning, say our house cleaning professionals.

2. Have A Pre-Cleaning Walkthrough

Go through your entire house and analyze all the places thoroughly. It’s crucial to understand the condition of the house you are going to clean. This will help you realize what areas need more attention, how much time it will need, etc.

Meanwhile, we also suggest making a to-do list during this walkthrough so you don’t miss any corner or element during the cleaning. Prioritizing your cleaning tasks and preparing a house cleaning checklist will make it a bit more organized for you.

3. Safety First

Before hopping on to cleaning, be sure to safeguard yourself first. Cleaning a new house is not similar to routine cleaning. The dirt and dust levels are going to be way higher. So be prepared with a mask on your face, hand gloves, footwear, etc to avoid safety risks while cleaning.

And yes, be cautious while handling those cleaners; some chemicals can be really strong and risky.

4. Keep All The Tools And Solutions Handy

One of the common things that make cleaning inefficient is an unorganized tool set. To avoid finding what you need every time you need it, be prepared with all the cleaning tools and products required during cleaning. Keeping them handy will surely save you time and hassle, making the process easier.

5. Clean As Per Your House Type

Every new home’s condition is different, requiring different extent of cleaning. If you have a newly-constructed home, chances are that the builders would have given it a deep cleaning post-construction. Hence, it will just require a light clean-up.

Whereas, if you have rented a house, you cannot trust the cleaning efficiency of the former residents. So, you’ll need to do a thorough clean-up in this case.

6. Prefer Top To Bottom Approach

One rule our house cleaning pros recommend is starting from the top. Clean the higher levels of your home first, such as ceilings, fans, walls, and light fixtures. Then, work your way downwards. This will prevent the falling of dust on already cleaned surfaces.

7. Follow The Total Method

One of the best ways to accomplish cleaning a new house is using a total cleaning approach. Cleaning experts advise taking one cleaning chore at a time and doing it throughout the house before moving on to the next. For example, if you start with dusting, complete dusting in all the rooms altogether.

That is, clean the entire house at once instead of cleaning each room one by one. This will speed up the process and avoid the burnout of repeating the same process again and again for each room.

8. Do Not Miss The Less-Obvious Areas

Certain high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, etc., tend to be more contaminated. Make sure you don’t miss cleaning them. Also, don’t forget the dryer vents, top of the cabinets, baseboards, and dishwashers. Change your air filters too; that’s one of the best ways to reduce dust in your house.

9. Clean The Tools With Every Reuse

While you may handle the cleaning of your entire house all at once, keep cleaning the brushes and mops before every reuse. Change the mop water after finishing each room and keep rinsing the mophead to avoid transferring the dirt. You don’t want to clean your new home with dirty tools.

10. Disinfection Is As Crucial As Cleaning

Cleaning removes the dirt and dust but may not work on the germs. Many surfaces of your home might be harboring germs and bacteria, needing disinfection after cleaning. So, ensure to sanitize your new home as you clean.

11. Hire Pros When In Need

Cleaning can quickly become overwhelming, especially when it’s a whole new home. Certain tasks may be tricky while some are difficult to handle. Never hesitate to call our house cleaning specialists to help you out. We use the most efficient cleaning to make your new home spotless.

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