The Ultimate Guide by Rivera’s Cleaning Solutions for Choosing Carpets for Your Home

August 11, 2023
by Riveras Cleaning Solutions
An Expert Guide On How to Choose Carpet for Your Home

Making carpet your floor covering is the best decision. It adds beauty as well as comfort to your home. However, as carpets have a lot of types and variants, we often find homeowners asking how to choose the right carpet that suits their home.

We agree that a lot of things go in while choosing carpet because it’s a precious investment, and you want to make the best out of it. And here is a guide by our experts at “Rivera’s Cleaning Solutions” to help you with that.

An Expert Guide On How to Choose Carpet for Your Home

⇒ Material

• Nylon:

Nylon is a soft, durable, and stain-resistant material. It is among the most popular and common carpet choices. It is also easy to care for and resilient to wear & tear.

And because of that, it can be the best for areas that face heavy foot traffic or have pets or kids making a mess.

• Olefin:

It is another stain-resistant carpet type that is similar to nylon in terms of softness but isn’t as resilient. It repels stains but is likely to soil quickly and attract oil and dirt. It is easy-to-clean material, however.

• Polyester:

It is known for its strong binding to color. Polyester carpets usually hold their bright colors and do not let them fade easily. But these types of carpets tend to flatten under high foot traffic and are more prone to dirt and soiling while also being difficult to clean.

• Acrylic:

Acrylic looks and feels like wool but is a synthetic version of it. It is good at resisting stains, moisture, and color fading. However, it is not that durable enough for high-traffic areas.

• Wool:

This material is the softest of all. It is a luxurious option that can last long. But because it is a natural fiber, it can easily absorb stains and moisture, not being ideal for humid areas.

⇒ Pile Type

• Loop pile:

The fibers come in a loop with this type of carpet. Because the ends of fibers are joined twice with the backing, loop pile carpets are more durable to wear and tear, so better for high-traffic areas.

However, if you have pets or kids, the loops in this pile can be easily plucked or snagged, causing damage. And the loops can trap more dirt due to this type of pile.

• Cut pile:

Unlike loop piles, the cut pile fibers are not looped and are instead cut to make them stand straight. And because these are straight, they are easy to clean. Although softer, they can show the indents of traffic lanes and vacuuming effects.

⇒ Color

• Soiling:

Light colors show dullness quicker than their darker alternatives. If you want to go with high-traffic areas, we would suggest either going for dark colors or having a separate stain-resistant application to protect it from soiling.

• Effect:

If you are choosing carpet for compact rooms, a light shade of color can make your room look more spacious than a carpet with dark colors.

Moreover, when it comes to focus, the bright colors attract more while making your carpet a focal point. Whereas, if you want to draw the eyes more to the other elements of your home, go with a lighter shade.

• Pro tip:

One consideration here (if you choose colored carpets) is to opt for fade-resistant carpets with material that does not bleed its color. That will help it resist direct sunlight and spot cleaning respectively.

⇒ VOC emission

This is again an important thing to look for when choosing carpets for your home. Carpets are manufactured with chemicals that can be harmful to breathe as they release VOCs. These chemicals are the reason you will have to get rid of the new carpet smell.

We advise checking the green label plus symbol (by The Carpet and Rug Institute), as it indicates that those carpets have the lowest VOC emissions.

Summing Up,

Choosing the carpets for your home depends on your needs. Some carpets like nylon and olefin are good at resisting stains. Some types like acrylic and polyester retain colors very well.

Loop pile types are ideal for high-traffic areas but not for pets. And cut pile carpets are easy to clean but show traffic effects.

Choosing a color for your carpet also depends on your room’s looks and focal point, along with factors like frequent soiling. Lastly, whichever carpet you choose, ensure it has low VOC release and is good for your home’s indoor air.

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