Professional House Cleaning Tips for Summer

April 7, 2022
by Riveras Cleaning Solutions
Professional House Cleaning Tips for Summer

Summer is the time for going outdoors and enjoying the bright sunlight, picnics, get-togethers, and more. During this time, you need to have your home clean as there will be visitors coming over. Also, with the season changing, there will be new germs and dust coming over with the winds. After the bitter cold season when no cleaning takes place, it is time to get into a cleaning spree.

In the summertime, the final subject you would like to think of is household upkeep. Use these summertime cleaning recommendations for both indoor and outdoor to keep your home safe from the effects of heat, moisture, dirt, filth, and insects. Take care of these cleaning duties early on in the summertime so you can enjoy every minute of the season’s pleasant weather and sunshine. Here are some professional house cleaning tips that will definitely help you throughout the summer.

Simple Professional House Cleaning Tips For Summer

1. Keep Dust and Allergens At Bay

Allowing the sunlight to stream past your blinds will bring gorgeous, natural light into your home. However, it can also cause dust to accumulate in your home! Being exposed to dust can cause an allergic response, preventing you from fully appreciating the summertime.

Take them down by routinely removing dust from surfaces, furniture, and elevated areas such as ceiling fans and light fittings using a microfiber cloth or a HEPA filter vacuum.

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2. Lighten Up With Linens

Next, exchange your thick winter bedding for lightweight and breathable materials such as cotton or linen. Wash sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers weekly to remove sweat, dust mites, and allergens that thrive in hot weather.

3. Keep The Bathroom Clean

Hot and humid environments attract mold and mildew. Therefore, clean high-touch surfaces every week and regularly scrub showers, bathtubs, and sinks. Wash shower curtains, towels, and bath mats more often to avoid musty smells.

4. Deep Clean Your Kitchen

The summertime calls for meal preparation and hosting gatherings. To prevent persistent smells and the proliferation of bacteria, routinely sanitize surfaces, clear out your refrigerator (remember to inspect for outdated items!), and promptly address any spills.

5. Clean The Microwave

Wipe the barbecue grate so that leftovers from prior dinners do not contaminate the item getting grilled. Switch it on and wait for the grate to heat up. Put a sliced lemon on a fork with a long handle and brush it along the grate after dipping it in a dish of salt. The acidity in the lemon will dissolve grease, while the salt will work as a cleaning agent.

Brush grates that are particularly nasty using a piece of pumice, then thoroughly wash them to eliminate pumice grit. Metallic brushes should be avoided because the fibers can come off to enter into the meal. Deep house cleaning services near you, however, have the correct equipment and cleaning agents to perform this task without harming your equipment or leaving behind any residue.

6. Tackle Upholstery And Carpets

Warm temperatures lead to increased shedding of pets and dirt being brought inside, so it’s important to vacuum carpets and furniture frequently to get rid of allergens and dirt. For very dirty furniture, think about getting professional cleaning.

7. Freshen Up Windows And Blinds

Thoroughly clean windows, sills, and frames to enhance natural light and enhance the overall ambiance of your space. Follow care instructions to wash curtains and blinds and eliminate dust, giving your windows a revitalized appearance.

What is included in a professional deep house cleaning?

A professional deep house cleaning includes cleaning all aspects of the indoors and outdoors of a property. This includes cleaning of kitchen, living areas, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces as well. Furniture, decor items, lamp fittings, appliances, and all of the built-up areas are cleaned under deep cleaning.

To avail of professional deep house cleaning, contact Rivera’s Cleaning Solutions. Our advanced techniques and industrial-grade equipment help to make the process much easier and faster. Our company is committed to complete customer satisfaction and we work around the customer needs to satisfy all the cleaning needs.

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